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My father suffers from macular degeneration. He is legally blind minus the white cane. White canes aren’t much use when you need a wheeled walker to get around.

I take his diagnosis and our shared ancestry very seriously which is why I am retiring soon in order to read as many books as I can before my eyesight starts to fail. At fifty-nine, I’ve already had one cataract removed; I figure some malevolent god of fate is waiting around the corner with another lightning bolt.

Yesterday, when I stopped by my parents’ for a visit, he had a whole conversation with me before realizing I wasn’t my sister.

It was a sunny day and he was squinting so said sister dug out the cool pair of shades he got from what she referred to as that « blind place ».

« My eyesight is worse these days. », he lamented.

« In what way? », I asked.

« All I see is a blob in front of me. »

His right hand painted a large circle in the air for effect.

The blob reflected in the sunglasses nodded her head sympathetically while her sister snickered from the sidelines and took the shot.

4 thoughts on “Visually Impaired

  1. Angie Cheema says:

    Dad was wondering where the other blob had come from…
    He knew it was too big to be a groundhog…..

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  2. Kiki says:

    made me laugh! I’m totally blind on one eye and see about 45-50% on the other. I also dread the day our government will ask me to ‘retake’ a driving test as I have nil chance to pass. The most surprising thing was that when we returned to our native Switzerland from a 12+yr stunt in France, I HAD to have a certificate made out by an optician that my eye correction would allow me to continue driving a car.
    He said: You should maybe wear your contact lenses for the test, as your sight is really not terribly good. I told him that I couldn’t wear lenses anymore as I had the very first, still ‘hard’ ones when they came out and they scratched both my retinas (?) and also that I had no intention to drive any longer to unknown places but was still very good at ‘ordinary, well travelled’ outings and motorways. I am also nightblind and don’t drive in rain…. Having said all that he looked at my records and said: Well, good luck then and made out a certificate for me to continue driving!
    I have AMD and have it since the ‘early age’ of around 60. My mother was blind with AMD and I’m well on my way to being completely blind. My one goal is to read as many books I still can before I won’t see anything at all. I love holding a book in my hands but I come closer to being obliged to buy a kindle …. push it off as long as i can but the signs are looming.
    Shouldn’t spend time on the computer (or too much on the phone either), so that’s why I’m so fed up with my morning’s comment to your book list having disappeared (my mind is still working very much OK!).
    Well then, I really liked that post and your sis seems to have a good sense of humour (too). I enlarged the photo and saw you (?) sitting opposite your father. He looked very happy and content on this photo….

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    1. bogeyandruby says:

      I am bracing myself for further vision loss too, hence my rush as well to read as many books as possible before it is too late. I had a cataract done 2 years ago and 5 weeks ago, a repair for a detached retina. The latter was a close call! My brother is an ophthalmologist so I have quick access to medical consultation. I love your attitude, by the way. My father bought his dream car, a Tesla, a few years before he died and was able to drive it for two of those years. He did have an accident in his own driveway, however, hitting my mother’s car parked on one side. Poor dad!


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