Random stuff, reflections on the meaning of life and death, humour, self-deprecation, a bit of bad poetry.

My husband and I tried this exercise where each of us would contribute a line in an effort to write a story. We did it twice and ended both stories when it was obvious they had died a natural death. 🙄

Story #1

I don’t know why the number 12 just popped into my mind.

A baker’s dozen, the dirty dozen, I’ve done this a dozen times?

A baker’s dozen is actually 13.

I was 11 when puberty hit. By 13, I had a mustache and breasts.

I hate teenagers but I kind of like breasts, though not on teenagers.

It’s hard to run a marathon when you’re big-chested.

It’s hard to stand up with a big head, bobble head.

If you had both, you could rest your big head on your big chest.

Tit for tête.

Ooh, my aching back. I am shrinking by the minute.

I could put you on the rack.

With the baker’s dozen?

The spice rack.

I’m losing all my straight lines and edges.

There are no straight lines in nature.

I’m like a box of cereal then.

Breakfast of champions.

Going for a run. See ya later.

Story #2

I cannot sit back on my heels anymore.

Does that mean you have to be on your toes?

I tried that once and my stiletto broke going down a flight of stairs.

I had a stiletto that I used as a letter opener at boarding school. It was stolen.

Nobody writes letters anymore. Just texting, lol this, lol that.

They should probably look up; there’s a stolen stiletto out there.

Maybe the person who stole it needed to open a letter.

I don’t think so, reprobates don’t read.

They still need to feel loved. We all do.

Not if they got stabbed first.

It’s lonely at the top.

Kind of lonely at the bottom too.

Thank goodness my heels touch the ground when I’m standing.

When i met you, my feet didn’t touch the ground for weeks.

Sounds like you were recumbent.

Nope, walking on air.

Not sunshine?

Kinda fun. Try it!

4 thoughts on “Tandem Storytelling

  1. Kiki says:

    Now I’m officially jealous….. LOVE that kind of exchange. Did that with my (dead) sis; can‘t do it with my other siblings. Hero Husband is a great guy but very sadly the joking gene wasn‘t acquired in his family. And now it‘s too late. I can do it with my son but we don‘t speak that often. Keep the nonsense going, it‘s good for your health.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bogeyandruby says:

      Thanks, Kiki. Perhaps it is worth doing this with your son but in writing? It could be an exchange of emails or even texts if that is something you do. I’m lucky if I get a monosyllable response from my 18 year old boy: « fine », « okay », « sure », « thanks », « nope », and the like. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kiki says:

        na, he seems unable to write too! 😉 and your 18yr old one is at least not swearing…. that’s already something. Mine is nearly 45 and I think it’s too late to hope for such ‘changes’ 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. bogeyandruby says:

        Ha! It’s never too late. 😉


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