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As I sat in front of my laptop watching my son’s high school convocation via live stream, I was suddenly struck by how alone I felt. Not surprising considering I was watching the ceremony by myself. We received the convocation protocol only a few days ago. Unfortunately, Sean’s dad was working evenings and couldn’t attend and my husband was out doing errands.

I permitted myself a brief period of wallowing as tears rolled down my face.

On a whim, I sent the live-stream link to my sister and asked her to set it up on an iPad for my parents so they could watch it from their house.

My dad gave up early on. I don’t blame him; the ceremony was very long and all in French. My mother and sister managed to catch that special moment and somehow my husband made it home in time too.

Sharing this celebration with family, albeit virtually, dried up the tears and made all the difference.

I’m grateful to my son for making it even more memorable by performing his trademark kung fu twirl and kick as he crossed the stage, then pumping his fist and releasing a triumphant roar upon receiving his diploma.

I managed to capture a poor quality video of that special moment, not to mention a few screenshots, all the while staying mindful in the present.

On a side note, I noticed that all the boys and many of the girls were wearing comfortable shoes as they crossed the stage. Wished I’d had the courage and foresight to dress for comfort and not for fashion when I graduated all those years ago.

Fist pump: made it through the pandemic and managed to graduate!

Pure joy:

4 thoughts on “June 23rd: Virtual Convocation

  1. Jean says:

    So cool!

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  2. Kiki says:

    YEP…. grinning with you and him – great panache!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. bogeyandruby says:

      Thanks, Kiki! 😁

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