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I went sports bra shopping today. Not because the ones I wear aren’t doing the job. Rather, I wouldn’t want to be caught dead in one if I were in an accident and somebody had to perform CPR or something.

Anyone who knows me well knows well enough how much I hate clothes shopping and shopping for undergarments is no exception. Luckily, my go-to clothing store is conveniently located next to my favourite bookstore, the ideal place to console myself after a failed attempt to find something, anything that fits. (I have a lot of books, by the way.)

This particularly clothing store happens to sell a sporty line, clothes to sweat in, or in my case, stuff to sweat in AND wear to the office. I am particularly drawn to the fact that they carry an “ultra-petite” section though by section I mean one pair of stretchy pants (what the hell are sculpture pants?) that are still two inches too long for my 26″ inseam.

I found the sportsbra rack at the back of the store, all black except for one conspicuous salmon-coloured model, and searched for my cup size. Uh … what the heck does size “extra-large” translate to in cup-size? I spotted a sales clerk lurking in the shadows and asked her how the bra sizes work. She replied, “Well, I take medium.”, as if that was supposed to be some kind of universal reference point for the rest of us. “I’d better try a large then.”, I decided. I headed to a cubicle, undressed and pulled the claspless, crossed-back bra over my head, then grimaced in anticipation as I turned to face my reflection in the mirror. Well, folks, how do I put this? It would have been a perfect fit if I’d been looking for some sort of abdominal hernia support. Or a hammock to have a nap in before I used it to carry my coconuts home.

“How’s it going in there?’, the salesgirl called from the other side of the cubicle. “I’m afraid I’m not as young and perky as you.”, I lamented. I need proper cups that lift and separate and provide a solid surface to rest my chin on.

Besides, I just remembered a book I need to get.

The expedition wasn’t a complete loss though. I managed to snag a fall coat on my way out the door. Don’t you just love stuff you can try on without undressing?

Additional rant: please, please, please, dear fashion Gods … make skinny pants/leggings go away and bring back the boot cut. I really don’t like having to take my glasses off to try on pants, never mind my shoes. And I don’t like having to put my socks back on everytime I take them off. It’s bad enough being 4’11” on a good day without feeling like I’m just another link in the sausage train!

Had any luck with clothes-shopping lately? Do share your stories of inspiration.

P.S. I did wear a pair of jean leggings the other day that my dear work friends bought me before my honeymoon last year. It’s the first time I wore them in public and even though I was very uncomfortable and had to take my shoes and glasses off to get them on and and put my socks back on when I took them off, I wore them happily because they were chosen with love, by people I love.

4 thoughts on “A Little Support, Please!

  1. Boy Blue says:

    So funny. Not sure about taking glasses off to put on leggings. Maybe you've been doing it wrong. Lol.


  2. You mean there’s another way? Do tell!


  3. There's a fantastic bra store called De-bra in Pointe-Claire village on lakeshore, right next to the European food market. Tell them that Jill Hogan referred you! (She did the interior design of that store, that's how I know about it!) Specializing in the bigger sizes (sorry 1/2 of the women out there) they offer a really nice atmosphere with lots of selection. Ok, that's all I know about bra stores.


  4. You’re the second person to mention that store! I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks, Ken!


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