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It’s the home stretch for this month’s daily writing challenge and my feet are dragging.

Indeed I have developed the bad habit of writing yesterday’s blog entry the day after.

This project has become a blog slog.

Why do it? Or rather, why continue to do it?

Because if I don’t challenge myself with a goal, nothing will change and I want to change.

You know that wise saying (is it a question or a saying?): How do you expect anything to change if you aren’t willing to change anything?

The truth is, we sit around waiting for change to happen. Some magical opening of the sky, a light bulb moment, an epiphany out of the blue, but it never does.

Even rags to riches stories contain agents of change.

And I think we can all agree, the results of change are sweetest when they are earned.

Think of at least one achievement that was hard won. Now think of something that was handed to you.

Which of those contributed the most to your character?

Seriously, writing 150 words isn’t difficult. It’s writing 150 words every day that’s making my head hurt.

Inspire me. What’s one thing you have achieved through hard work and consistency?

12 thoughts on “June 25th: Blog Slog

  1. micko1 says:

    Sharon, for a while now I’ve been working on a LovingKindness/Mindfulness routine in which I try to catch myself when I make judgments about others. I’m embarrassed to admit I do this a lot. For instance, I do it a lot with professional athletes and professional teams. I like this athlete but I don’t like this athlete. I like this team but not this one. When I examine these judgments I realize I have no valid reason for them. Where did they come from? I don’t know, but I’m working on changing them to LovingKindess…I change my perception/attitude to seeing the athletes as humans beings….with dreams and desires and good points and faults and successes and failures in life, who happen to be good athletes. This routine hopefully makes me a better human being.

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    1. bogeyandruby says:

      Thanks for sharing this, Mike. I think we all have biases. Your work is giving you insight into yours and creating change and we all benefit from it. That being said, I think you are already a pretty awesome human being! 😊


  2. micko1 says:

    Thank you Sharon! You are too! I loved your son’s martial arts kick on stage!

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    1. bogeyandruby says:

      Thanks, Mike! By the way, that joyous kick was the culmination of years of kung fu training. He made it look so easy!


  3. micko1 says:

    I’ll be extra nice to him the next time I see him!

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  4. Kiki says:

    Staying married?! 😉

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    1. bogeyandruby says:

      That’s a good one! 😜

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  5. Preet Cheema says:

    Finishing my PhD while I was working. It was a billion years ago but the feeling of being told you are a Doctor still lives me

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    1. bogeyandruby says:

      That’s an incredible achievement, cuz! 🙌


  6. Jean says:

    my voice. years of training. started from square one at age 35.

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    1. bogeyandruby says:

      Awesomeness, Jean. Good on you. 🙌


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